Call for papers

This international conference aims to examine the way in which literature and the arts have represented violence in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula since the 1960s, with a particular interest in the ethical aspects that such a representation entails. Our aim is to analyse how ethics and aesthetics interact in the portrayal of traumatic events. How can artistic representations contribute to processes of mourning? Does art contribute to the perpetuation and trivialisation of violence? Where are the limits of the morally acceptable? What is the role of artistic representations in the face of atrocity?

All of these questions are particularly relevant considering that 2014 marks the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Atocha bombings in Madrid and the twentieth anniversary of the attack on the AMIA bombing that targeted the Jewish community in Buenos Aires.

Proposals are invited for papers which explore some of these suggested topics – although they are not exclusive:

– Mourning and post-traumatic reactions

– Monuments and commemorations

– Modes of representation: the abject, the mythical, the allegorical, the grotesque, the spectacular

– Racial and religious-based violence

– Gender violence

– Violence and parody/irony

– Violence and reception studies

– Violence and consent

– Forgetting/forgiving

– ‘Unethical’ representations: challenges to the ethical constraints

We invite responses to these and related questions in the form of a maximum 300-word abstract for a 20-minute paper. Please e-mail abstracts with a short biographical note clearly stating your institutional affiliation to by Monday 31st of March 2014.


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